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US-6411724-B1: Using meta-descriptors to represent multimedia information patent, US-6682766-B2: Beverage comprising an effective amount of flavanols as sweetness cutting composition patent, US-4289616-A: Apparatus for removing suspended solids from an effluent patent, US-4537917-A: Composites and size coated glass fibers used therein patent, US-4628647-A: Method for mounting a roof, floor or similar structure and a structure adapted to be mounted according to the method patent, US-4956521-A: Adsorption and isomerization of normal and mono-methyl paraffins patent, US-5495790-A: Piston catcher for a pyrotechnic linear piston and cylinder drive patent, US-5578529-A: Method for using rinse spray bar in chemical mechanical polishing patent, US-5677087-A: Method for manufacturing positive electrode material for a lithium battery patent, US-5691970-A: Optical pickup for high-density recording/reproducing patent, US-5735474-A: Method for forwarding and rewinding photosensitive material patent, US-5919877-A: Process for the preparation of ethylene-propylene copolymers patent, US-6253460-B1: Apparatus for position measurement and a system and a method for using the same patent, US-6268287-B1: Polymerless metal hard mask etching patent, US-6272521-B1: Apparatus and method for allowing object-oriented programs created with different framework versions to communicate patent, US-6398398-B1: Lighting device for operative site without cast shadow patent, US-6525157-B2: Propylene ethylene polymers patent, US-6536470-B1: Back flow prevention valve patent, US-6648250-B2: Spreading machines for spreading animal bedding material patent, US-4203526-A: Plastic drum assembly patent, US-4321899-A: Fluid device for vehicle fuel consumption enhancement patent, US-4585840-A: Olefin polymerization catalysts adapted for gas phase processes patent, US-4653790-A: Coin getting apparatus patent, US-4789028-A: Anti-vibration bars for nuclear steam generators patent, US-4939778-A: Telephone cord cover patent, US-4941176-A: Secure management of keys using control vectors patent, US-5049385-A: Solid halogen-containing composition and method for producing same patent, US-5422036-A: Liquid crystal display device and preparation thereof patent, US-5426129-A: Reactive coalescents patent, US-5434761-A: Squeeze flashlight patent, US-5470919-A: Chlorinated ethylene/α-olefin copolymer rubber and composition containing the same patent, US-5792757-A: 19-nor-pregnane steroids as neurochemical initiators of change in human hypothalamic function patent, US-5845489-A: Abnormality detector for air-fuel ratio control system patent, US-5983907-A: Method of drying semiconductor wafers using hot deionized water and infrared drying patent, US-6079780-A: Seating height indicator for car seat patent, US-6173969-B1: Sealing ring patent, US-6270306-B1: Wafer aligner in center of front end frame of vacuum system patent, US-6293475-B1: Foldable boom for an agricultural sprayer patent, US-6413878-B1: Method of manufacturing electronic components patent, US-6465032-B1: Method of forming a reconstituted composition containing protein and carbohydrate at elevated total solids content patent, US-6728263-B2: Dynamic sizing of data packets patent, US-4072161-A: Sealing member for valve stems patent, US-4573046-A: Watch apparatus and method for a universal electronic locking system patent, US-4724640-A: Storage facility patent, US-5114227-A: Laser targeting system patent, US-5199318-A: Device for restraining connecting rod on a crankshaft patent, US-5472553-A: Filament cutting and placement system patent, US-5624105-A: Hydropneumatic suspension system patent, US-6004593-A: Coffee flavoring method patent, US-6199471-B1: Method and system for determining the probable location of a contact patent, US-3814389-A: Carburetor patent, US-4610533-A: Automatic document feeding device patent, US-4758491-A: Dry toner and developer composition patent, US-4885920-A: Garment security device patent, US-5064837-A: 3-substituted-1-aryl-2(h)-quinolones and their pharmaceutical compositions patent, US-5325967-A: Packaging device using membrane, platform and aperture as a means of restraint patent, US-5327324-A: Spring clip for a heat sink apparatus patent, US-5607915-A: Pulmonary delivery of active fragments of parathyroid hormone patent, US-5665861-A: Cardiodilatin fragment, process for preparing same and use thereof patent, US-5695931-A: Nucleotide sequences coding for a protein with urease activity patent, US-6020197-A: Method for production of neuroblasts patent, US-6111357-A: Organic electroluminescent display panel having a cover with radiation-cured perimeter seal patent, US-6591335-B1: Fault tolerant dual cache system patent, US-4762061-A: Method of producing compressed roll of paper patent, US-5086092-A: Heat-curable aqueous coating agent for cathodic electrocoating containing monomeric chelating agent patent, US-5393785-A: Therapeutic antiestrogens patent, US-5451116-A: Tripod plate for turbine flowpath patent, US-5484070-A: Child-proof closure with syringe-tip connector patent, US-5640839-A: Method of spinning-in yarn on open-end spinning machines using a pressurized air feed and a device for carrying out the method patent, US-5884693-A: Integral heat pipe enclosure patent, US-6233971-B1: Jewelry piece patent, US-6272021-B1: Circuit device patent, US-6415580-B2: Insulated roof panel patent, US-6031156-A: Heterologous gene expression utilizing plant asparagine synthetase promoters patent, US-4195600-A: Crankcase chamber compression type two cycle internal combustion engines patent, US-5401468-A: Dual flow path carbon particulate monitor patent, US-5545581-A: Plug strap process utilizing selective nitride and oxide etches patent, US-5748013-A: Combined magnetic core patent, US-6109404-A: Method of forming lightweight luggage and luggage formed by same patent, US-6171505-B1: Higher actives dispersion polymer to aid clarification, dewatering, and retention and drainage patent, US-6432474-B1: Thin film of perovskite type manganese oxide process for producing the same thin film and an infrared sensing element using the same thin film patent, US-4387181-A: Polymer compositions and manufacture patent, US-4393182-A: Olefin polymerization process with novel supported titanium catalyst compositions patent, US-4752183-A: Water pump patent, US-4755118-A: Extrusion cooler with atmosphere recycle and openable top patent, US-5466635-A: Process for making an interconnect bump for flip-chip integrated circuit including integral standoff and hourglass shaped solder coating patent, US-5699277-A: Method and apparatus for source clipping a video image in a video delivery system patent, US-5735946-A: Two-stage process for delaminating kaolin patent, US-6108433-A: Method and apparatus for a magnetically induced speaker diaphragm patent, US-6543111-B1: Method and apparatus for recycling belts patent, US-6631141-B1: Methods, systems and computer program products for selecting an aggregator interface patent, US-6711815-B2: Fabricating method of semiconductor devices patent, US-4317206-A: On line quality monitoring patent, US-5724707-A: Interlock attaching strap system patent, US-6017338-A: Fluid cooled and perfused tip for a catheter patent, US-6086113-A: Means of coupling of non-threaded connections patent, US-6422173-B1: Apparatus and methods for actively controlling RF peak-to-peak voltage in an inductively coupled plasma etching system patent, US-6641512-B2: Idler roll bearing assembly patent, US-6651832-B1: Produce bag dispensing system patent, US-6705773-B2: Three vertical axis omni-boom camera crane with rotational consistency patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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