Stations et installations pour le traitement de surface d'objets

Stations and plants for the surface-treatment of objects


A station for treating the surfaces of objects, such as vehicle bodies and/or components associated with the automotive sector is disclosed, comprising a booth (11) with at least one entrance (12) and at least one exit (13) for a vehicle body, a system (18) for moving the part to be treated between the entrance and exit and at least one painting and/or handling robot (17) positioned inside the booth. The booth (11) contains a motor-driven support (23) which rotates about a vertical axis (19) so as to direct sequentially towards the robot (17) different sides of the component positioned on the support (23). The booths may be advantageously designed in the form of a polygon in plan view with more than four sides, for example hexagonal or octagonal sides, and be combined alongside each other in two directions so as to form a plant with improved use of the occupied space.




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