Improvements in or relating to rollers for use in machinery for preparing and spinning fibrous materials

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Thomas Hay Laird
  • Publication Date: November 22, 1943
  • Publication Number: GB-557465-A


557,465. Drawing rollers for spinning &c. frames; compound fabrics. LAIRD, T. H. June 2, 1942, No. 7432. [Class 120 (ii)] [Also in Group VIII] A pressing and drawing roller for preparing and spinning machinery is made from one or more layers of granulated cork, rubber or leather or of sawdust of the plane or sycamore arranged alternately with thin layers of woven-fabric, such as cotton or linen, in the form of a sandwich ; fabric layers are located on the outside of the sandwich and the whole is impregnated with a suitable resin and compressed into a homogeneous layer of the required thickness. As shown the roller is made from a layer 1 of ground cork &c. and layers 2, 3 of woven fabric, the mass being moulded to the required size, or machined, to produce the roller which is mounted on a spindle 8 or may be secured to a boss 9 on the spindle, the boss being cut away to form an annular shoulder 11 which engages a central hole in the roller, this being secured to the boss by bolt 13.




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