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【課題】 蹴る動作により飛翔体を飛ばすことができるようにして、蹴る動作により飛翔体の飛ばし方をコントロールする運動感覚や運動技能を容易に習得することができるようにする。 【解決手段】 飛翔体1を慣性力により離脱させて飛翔可能に保持する保持部材10と、くるぶし(踝)以下の足部Faを含む脚Lのいずれかの部位に着脱可能に装着させられるとともに脚Lの揺動運動により保持部材10を介して飛翔体1に慣性力を付与しこの保持部材10から飛翔体1を離脱させて目標Tに飛翔させるようにこの保持部材10が取り付けられる取付部材20と、取付部材20を脚Lに装着する装着手段40とを備えた。 【選択図】 図2
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily acquire a kinesthetic sense and kinesthetic skill for controlling the way of flying of a flying body with kicking motions by allowing the flying body to fly with the kicking motions. <P>SOLUTION: The sporting device includes: a holder member 10 for holding the flying body 1 in such a way as can fly by releasing the flying body 1 with the inertia; an attaching member 20 capable of being detachably attached to a region of a leg L including the foot Fa under the ankle for applying the inertia to the flying body 1 via the holder member 10 with the swing motion of the leg L and attaching the holder member 10 in such a way that the flying body flies to a target T by releasing the flying body 1 from the holder member 10; and mounting means 40 for mounting the attaching member 20 to the leg L. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2011,JPO&INPIT




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