【課題】家庭や倉庫等に棲み付いた複数匹の鼠を一回の作動で捕獲する鼠捕り器を提供する。 【解決手段】台板と台板の中心垂直に立つ中空のポール2と、ポール2の上部に設ける電磁石籠支持装置100と、装置の支持レバー15と、レバー15に掛けてセットする捕獲籠29とを有し、電磁石籠支持装置100に繋がり、殊に電源からの電気を制御するマイクロスイッチ7は針金11に餌吊り糸12を付け、ポールの中空孔3を下り、糸穴を出て台板上に伸びたところで、糸に囮餌を取り付ける。囮餌につられて台上に上った鼠が囮餌を曳くと、マイクロスイッチ7がオンとなり、電気が電磁石籠支持装置100に流れて、レバー15が電磁石に引き寄せられ、捕獲籠29からレバーが外れ落下した捕獲籠29と台板1の空間に鼠群は捕獲される。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a rattrap for capturing a plurality of rats settled in a home, a warehouse etc., by operation at a time.SOLUTION: The rattrap includes: a base plate; a hollow pole 2 vertically standing at the center of the base plate; an electromagnet cage supporting device 100 provided at the upper part of the pole 2; a supporting lever 15 for the device; a capturing cage 29 set by hanging on the lever 15; especially a microswitch 7 connected to the electromagnet cage supporting device 100, and controls electricity from a power source. A bait hanging thread 12 is attached to a wire 11 of the microswitch, and lowered in a hollow hole 3 of the pole to emerge from a thread hole and extend onto the base plate, where a decoy bait is attached to the thread. When a rat rising on the base plate lured by the decoy bait pulls the decoy bait, the microswitch 7 is turned on. Electricity flows to the electromagnet cage supporting device 100 to attract the lever 15 to the electromagnet. Thereby, the lever is separated from the capturing cage 29, and the rat group are captured in a space between the dropped capturing cage 29 and the base plate 1.




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