Method of manufacturing substrate for electrooptical device, substrate for electrooptical device, electrooptical device, and electronic apparatus



【課題】例えば電極パッドと薄膜素子との間に剥離層を介して静電結合が生じることを低減する。 【解決手段】電気光学装置用基板の製造方法は、転写元基板(10)に形成した薄膜素子(310)を転写先基板(70)に転写することにより電気光学装置用基板を製造する製造方法であって、転写元基板上に設けられた剥離層(11)上に絶縁膜(5)を介して薄膜素子を形成する工程と、転写元基板上における薄膜素子よりも上層側に電極パッド(500)を形成する工程と、転写元基板上の積層構造における絶縁膜と電極パッドとの間に、転写元基板上で平面的に見て電極パッドに少なくとも部分的に重なるように、遮蔽電極(710)を形成する工程とを含む。 【選択図】図3
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce generation of electrostatic coupling via a peeling layer, for example, between an electrode pad and a thin film element.SOLUTION: In a method of manufacturing a substrate for an electrooptical device, the substrate for the electrooptical device is manufactured by transferring the thin film element (310) formed on a transfer-source substrate (10) to a transfer-destination substrate (70). The method includes the processes of: forming the thin film element on a peeling layer (11) provided on the transfer-source substrate via an insulating film (5); forming an electrode pad (500) on a side above the thin film element on the transfer-source substrate; and forming a shield electrode (710) between the insulating film and electrode pad of a laminate structure on the transfer-source substrate so that the shield electrode overlaps with the electrode pad in plane view on the transfer-source substrate.




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