Agricultural covering material



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an agricultural covering material: capable of blocking out infrared ray causing occurrence of high temperature which is harmful for plant cultivation; capable of transmitting a light in a visible light region which is useful for plant photosynthesis by improving durability of a film without increasing the temperature of the film, as compared to a conventional infrared absorption film; being superior in antibiotic; and being used for a fruit bag which can penetrate a specific wavelength.SOLUTION: There is provided the agricultural covering material that ≥20% of heat ray maximum reflectance by including platy particles. It is preferable that an embodiment: including ≥60 number% of the platy particles in all particles; and including the platy particles being silver platy particles comprising silver.
【課題】植物の生育にとって有害な高温の発生原因である赤外線を遮蔽でき、従来の赤外線吸収フィルムに比べて、フィルム自体が高温にならずに、フィルムの耐久性が向上し、植物の光合成にとって有用な可視光領域の光を透過でき、抗菌性に優れ、特定の波長を透過可能な果実袋にも用いることができる農業用被覆材の提供。 【解決手段】平板状粒子を含有し、熱線最大反射率が、20%以上である農業用被覆材とする。該平板状粒子を全粒子中に60個数%以上有する態様、該平板状粒子が、銀からなる銀平板粒子である態様、などが好ましい。 【選択図】なし




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