Sliding constant velocity universal joint



【課題】トリポード型等速自在継手の加工工数および部品点数の削減でコスト低減を図ると共に、内部部品の軸方向摺動範囲を確保して外側継手部材の軽量化を図る。 【解決手段】ブーツ50の外側継手部材10の開口部11から延びる部位57の内周面に、ローラ30が転動自在に挿入可能なガイド溝58を外側継手部材10のトラック溝12と同軸に形成する。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To achieve weight reduction of an outer joint member securing an axial sliding range of an internal part while reducing the cost by reducing processing man-hours and the number of parts of a tripod type constant velocity universal joint.SOLUTION: On the inner peripheral surface of a portion 57 extending from an opening 11 of the outer joint member 10 in a boot 50, a guide groove 58, in which a roller 30 can be inserted in a freely rollable state, is formed coaxially with a track groove 12 of the outer joint member 10.




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